Eva Fajcikova is a Prague-based traditional painter whose practice focuses on two main themes, the female figure and the topos of video games.

Her figural imagery is oriented towardepiction of women based on mythical origins, mixed with European and Japanese folklore, as well as religion combined with the study of the sublime. The settings are ancient forests full of dark and dangerous flora. These figures are often inspired by fashion magazines, in particular Italian Vogue of which she is an avid collector. The figurative work combines elements of preexisting mythologies, folklore, and spiritualities to create a hybrid vocabulary that explores the complexity of female figures.

Fajcikova's second theme explores archetypal venues in platform games, such as ruins, forests, clouds, and portals. In her current series, the archetypal forest is translated into the "Paradise" world, with apples as its main symbol and the ruin becomes “Avalon”with coins for tokens. Each painting is an individual level in a fictional game that the viewer can traverse visually. A desktop game is available to play, utilizing the paintings, so the circle of digital /Analogue inspiration loops back. 


/excerpt form the spring 2023 GlogauAIR catalogue